Think Differently About Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare Provider

We’re a mobile healthcare provider. WhiteGlove Health is proud to serve over 800 zip codes throughout Texas and Arizona.

Forward Thinking

WhiteGlove Health recently acquired Glenridge Heatlhcare Solutions, a leading Maryland-based consulting, technology and professional services firm.

Problem Solvers

WhiteGlove Health could be the solution for your organization, community, or plan – or be the perfect complement to your existing wellness program.

Customer Support

WhiteGlove Health provides customer support call centers to help members and employers use our advanced technology services. We’re here to help.

About WhiteGlove Health

WhiteGlove Health has become a leader in the healthcare industry through providing an extraordinary healthcare experience for members and providing significant cost savings for health plans through reduced insurance claims and reductions in unnecessary utilization. Our comprehensive healthcare strategy is to provide the highest quality care at a predictable cost through highly-skilled nurse practitioners supported by registered nurses in collaboration with physicians, hospitals, other health care providers and carriers.

Since 2007, WhiteGlove Health’s highly trained and experienced clinical team comprised of board-certified Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses have been making house calls, office calls and providing telephonic support to help members feel better, faster. Our initial focus as a mobile healthcare provider for acute needs and managing chronic conditions has paved the way for the successful introduction of our Value-Based Care division in 2014 which leverages our clinical expertise and ability to deliver provider care to high risk/high cost patients for our Medicare and Medicaid health plan customers. Value-Based Care is conducted at-home or at a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and allows health plans the ability to care for their most challenging patients. Our Solution offers care designed to reicon-logoduce hospital admissions, re-admissions and prevent unnecessary visits to an emergency room. A WhiteGlove Health Nurse Practitioner has the ability to order or discontinue medications, add home health or durable medical Equipment (as needed) and routinely communicate with the Primary Care Physician on behalf of the patient. The WhiteGlove Health strategy of prompt follow-up and proactive intervention allows us to carefully monitor patients and manage utilization

In June 2014, WhiteGlove Health acquired Glenridge Healthcare Solutions, a leading consulting, technology and professional services firm, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Maryland. Together, our companies are creating more opportunities and efficiencies than we could have achieved independently. Glenridge continues to partner with customers nationwide by providing a seasoned team, advanced data analytic capabilities and state-of-the art technology to our established impressive portfolio.

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