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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of care does WhiteGlove Health provide?

We deliver Primary Care Services that include routine Primary Care, Chronic Condition Management and associated Wellness Programs. As a WhiteGlove Health member, you have convenient access to a skilled team of Board certified nurse practitioners (NPs), physicians and registered nurses (RNs) as well as your visit and health information – at home, at work, online and on the phone.

Routine Primary Care Services

Through our in-person or telemedicine services, we diagnose and treat most of the illnesses for which members would traditionally use a primary care physician, family physician, retail clinic, or minor emergency center.

Examples include: flu, colds, sinus infections, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, ear infections or urinary tract infections.

Chronic Condition Management and Wellness Services

We conduct routine diagnostic tests and gather patient health information through medical history and health risk assessments. When a chronic condition is identified, our teams of clinicians deliver individualized provider treatment programs that include relevant care plans, in-person NP visits, RN telephone coaching sessions, and educational programs to help members avoid illnesses, stay healthy and better manage their health conditions.

How does the WhiteGlove service benefit me?

As a member of WhiteGlove Health, you enjoy access to:

  • A high-quality medical care experience that gives you the time and attention you deserve
  • Convenient care options – including in-person visits at home or at work, or telephone visits throughout the United States.
  • Affordable fixed visit fees and access to generic prescriptions to help avoid surprise medical bills.
  • Hassle-free and reduced costs associated with transportation, babysitters, etc. to physically go in to visit a physician or clinic – we come to you or schedule telemedicine visits convenient for you!
  • Online access to your visits, lab-results, prescriptions, and care plans through the WhiteGlove My Health Portal to stay informed about your health and conveniently share with your other medical providers necessary information.

Where does WhiteGlove provide service?

We are currently available to member organizations based in Texas, and our in-person visit service areas are designated by ZIP code. For all members, including those that reside outside of these areas, we offer telephone consultations with a Board-certified physician or NP throughout the United States. In many cases, routine medical complaints can be addressed via telephone. You may visit your MyHealth Member Portal at to check in-person visit availability within your specific ZIP code.

For in-person visits, how quickly will you come to me when I call for care?

We strive to see you the same or next day. We suggest members contact WhiteGlove Membership Support in the morning to ensure a same-day visit or for an immediate telemedicine consultation.

What is the visit cost?

Visit fees are often equal to or lower than a standard physician’s office co-pay. Contact your HR administrator or visit your MyHealth Portal for more information, or call WhiteGlove Membership Support at 877.329.8081.

Who provides the care to me?

Our in-person care is provided by Board-certified NPs. Our telemedicine care is provided by Board-certified physicians and NPs. All of our NPs are dedicated to WhiteGlove and have family medicine and emergency room and/or urgent care experience.

Is the visit fee all inclusive for in-person visits?

Most of the time, yes. Our visit fee includes medical care and some generic medications that we prescribe during the visit. The visit fee does not include any labs or brand name (non-generic) prescription medications or vaccines.

What is included with telephone consultation visits?

Telephone visits include consultation with a Board-certified physician or NP. If medications are prescribed, the clinician will place the order and members can pick them up at a convenient location. Members are responsible for payment of the visit fee as well as all medications prescribed during each visit.

Will you share my information with others?

We will not share information beyond what is allowed by HIPAA in order to provide you with exceptional care. You also have the option to share any information that is captured in your MyHealth Portal with your other healthcare providers whenever needed.

Are there any limits to using the WhiteGlove Health service?


  • You must be a current WhiteGlove member and at least two years old.
  • Our Membership Support team will inform you during your call if your health concern is one that can be addressed by our clinicians as part of our primary care services, if the concern is outside our scope of services you will be referred to a specialist provider.
  • You must have no outstanding balance owed to WhiteGlove Health.

What is the difference between how WhiteGlove Health approaches routine Primary Care visits versus Chronic Condition Management visits?

WhiteGlove’s Chronic Condition Management services are based on national standards of care treatment plans. After the member is enrolled in the program and a chronic condition is identified, our board certified NPs will proactively work to ensure that medications are up to date and necessary lab tests are performed. Members also have access to care plans and advice on managing their conditions through a blend of in-person and telephone-based interactions throughout the program. For more information, please see the Chronic Condition Management FAQ.

How do I use the service?

When your employer enrolls you, you will receive a welcome email from the WhiteGlove team with your temporary login information. Once you receive your login instructions, you may visit your MyHealth Portal to register by completing your medical history, which will expedite your first visit. After you are enrolled, you are able to use the service when you need it. Scheduling visits is easy, just go online or call Membership Support at 877.329.8081.

What can I expect during an in-person visit?

When you schedule your visit online or through our Membership Support team, we will bill your credit card, FSA card or HSA card for the visit fee.

Our NPs will spend at least 20 minutes with you during a visit, both to understand the illness complaint but also any other issues that may be impacting your health. During the visit, our NPs will diagnose, test, and treat you at home or at work. As needed, you will also receive prescription medications, in many cases we provide generic medications at the time of the visit to help you quickly begin to feel better. Within 48 hours you will receive a follow-up call from a Registered Nurse (RN) to see how you are doing.

How do I access my healthcare information?

Your healthcare information is available on your secure WhiteGlove MyHealth Portal. Simply go to and enter your login and password information.

High-Quality, Affordable & Convenient Care

The Previous Choices

Suffer through it until you can see your doctor, or go to the ER or an urgent care center.

The Consequences

Long waits, big surprise medical bills and exposure to germs and a lot of hassle.

The Smart Choice

WhiteGlove is an affordable, high-quality medical care experience that is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and we come to you at your work, at home or on the phone.

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