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quotesI have not had a chance to utilize the WhiteGlove service at this time. I guess that would be a good thing, not being sick or in need at the moment. Just knowing that this type of service is available to me gives me a feeling of security. It also kinda takes away some stress in having to leave the office or my home. I am happy that I work for a company that has this service available.

Marie C.

quotesI woke up one morning with the worse sore throat that I could ever remember having. Swallowing was a torture and my head felt like it was in a vice. I basically felt horrible. I didn’t have time for this! Obviously my primary care physician was closed and the thought of spending the day in an emergency room was out of the question!

Then I remembered, I had White Glove as a company benefit! I contacted them and in no time one of the nurses came out to my house. I was still in my robe and slippers! Within hours I felt so much better and was able to enjoy the time with my family!


Pam L.

quotesFor quite a few days I’d been sick. My throat felt scratchy, I was extremely tired, I had a horrible cough, I felt nauseous. I called to schedule an appointment and every person I spoke to was very friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about my health. The next day, an employee of White Glove came to my work to check in with me. She checked my vitals, asked me about my symptoms, and then asked me to say, “Ahhhh”. As soon as I opened my mouth, her eyes widened with intensity and concern. She explained to me that my tonsils were so swollen, they were almost blocking my air passage. I didn’t really pay attention to my breathing issues; I thought they were just a part of the cold. It turns out I had strep throat!! I’d never had it before so I was nervous. She assured me, everything would be alright. She prescribed my antibiotics for my symptoms and sent me home. Within the next few days I felt ten times better! After that I told all of my friends and family about WhiteGlove Health. I’d even recommend using them before a PCP.


Robyn H.

quotesWhite Glove means I don’t worry about my family when I have to travel; it means peace of mind

Mathew C.

quotesWhile I haven’t used White Glove, I have seen colleagues who have used the service. It is a wonderful safety blanket, and reminds me of my mother when I was sick as a child. There when you need her, with all of the important elements to nurse me back to health. The other perk of having White Glove is the fact that I don’t have to think about scheduling an appointment and driving to the doctor’s office. The convenience of the service is probably the best perk.

Rafael R.

quotesNo more waiting in a doctor’s office when you or your loved one is sick. With WhiteGlove, a nurse practitioner comes to visit you in your home or office. Outstanding service!”

Debbie T

quotesI woke up one morning last week with symptoms that I had had a few years previously so I knew just what it was. I went to work and kept thinking I needed to get to the doctor before it got worse but I had tons of work to do and didn’t want to drive the 45 miles to my doctor. Probably couldn’t even get an appointment that day so my symptoms would escalate for another day. Then I remembered my company offered WhiteGlove. I had never used it but I found the phone number and gave it a try. The person took my name and number and 30 minutes later a nurse called me. She took all my information and an hour later a doctor called me. After telling him my symptoms he talked to me a bit and then called in a prescription to my local pharmacy. My husband picked it up and I was able to take the medicine that day stopping my symptoms from getting worse. Using WhiteGlove saved me a great deal of time, mileage, and a lengthy time of pain!

Amelia B.

quotesI had never heard of White Glove until I started working for my company and I am shocked that I had not heard about WhiteGlove Health sooner.  Every company should have this service available to their associates.  This service is wonderful and makes life easy.


Tony A.

quotesExcellent and fast service.

Marjorie B.

quotesI have had two great experiences with WhiteGlove Health this past year.  One was a home visit and the other a visit at my work office.  Both times I was very impressed with the nurse practitioners who came out to see me.  They were thorough and very knowledgeable.  At the home visit, the nurse practitioner arrived on time and was in and out within 20 minutes.  I was able to get my medication and was feeling better within the hour.  I received similar service at my work office visit.  This time, I did need a medication that needed a prescription.  The nurse practitioner was able to call it into the Walgreens of my choice and it was ready for pick up when I left work that day.  WhiteGlove Health has been a lifesaver and timesaver!!  I never had to worry about waiting in the doctor’s office for hours before I was seen.  I would recommend WhiteGlove to my co-workers and friends that have access to this outstanding service!


Melissa V.

quotesI am no fan of Doctor visits. I became sickly the past February and simply couldn’t report to work. I notice the WhiteGlove Health refrigerator magnet, and decided to call. It seemed so weird having someone come to my home and I had very little faith they could help. When I called that morning, I was told the earliest time available for my area was roughly 6 hours away. I agreed to the long wait and decided to get some rest. However, rest was put on hold because I received a call from a Nurse stating she could be at my home in 30 minutes. She arrived in 20 minutes and was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She diagnosed me, provided me medicines (on the spot) and gave me some very helpful suggestions. I remember thinking this was the best $$ ever spent and how I didn’t have to deal with the hassle if going to a Doctor’s office. These people are the nicest folks and I will be using this service the very next time, I become unwell.

Monte C.

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quotesI used White Glove for the first time a few months ago.   They came out to my work office, had a consultation, and left with my prescriptions in hand!

I was so thrilled with the service, I went to social media and asked why all employers don’t offer this service to their employees!  All my friends were like WOW!

Linda J

quotesAs a school principal, I am super busy!  This fall, I started feeling sick and thought it was strep throat; I couldn’t make it to my doctor and knew I needed to get seen.  White Glove came to my school and diagnosed me with the flu!  Not only was everyone at White Glove super kind, they saved me from spreading flu germs throughout my school.  They also called in a prescription for me and went above and beyond to ensure that I had my medicine that same day.  It made my life so much easier!

Gillian Q.

quotesWhiteglove is the most amazing service!! I’ve been sick for 5 days and the came out on a Saturday morning to check me out and give me all the meds I needed for a bad cold, from my eyes to my cough, I’m on the road to recovery now!!! And all at the same cost as mashing a dr appt and having to drive to the Doctor.


Deonne P.

quotesFirst time using this service after I have been sick for over a week and my doctor couldn’t fit me in. I called White Glove and they came out to my job on a Sunday and diagnosed me with bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. Prescribed me 4 medications which 2 of them they provided me with the whole dose and wrote me a note to be off work the next several days. All for a $35.00 copay. The NP, Terri Thomas was knowledgeable and very impressed by this service. My mom was too and is trying to find out if it is offered through her insurance too.

Erin P

quotesAs a stay at home mom with twin toddlers, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate WhiteGlove. I’d hate to take them into a small doctors waiting room filled with other sick people. They have always been very kind and ready to answer my questions. This is a wonderful service.

Amelia B.

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