12 Reasons Why Digital Beats Snail Mail For Financial Advisors

If you’re familiar with traditional direct mail, you know how slow the process can be as you’re waiting on printing, mailing and, ultimately, for the prospect responses to come dribbling in.

By comparison, digital marketing runs like a sleek race car—with razor sharp audience targeting, quick delivery, instantaneous metrics and many opportunities for pre-seminar engagement with prospects.

Best of all, when working with a full-service firm like White Glove, you can have it all done for you…freeing you and your staff to focus on day-to-day business and your existing clients.

Digital Delivers Results

1. Quality of Attendees

Your seminars live or die based on the quality of your attendees. Digital marketing, with its ability to identify your exact audience through algorithms and online tracking, can target your ideal audience more precisely. In other words, digital can reach the prospects who closely match your best customers.

2. Address Households

As an advisor, you want to pay for marketing to households (buying units), not individual attendees. And yet, there may be an advantage to reaching multiple members of the same household…to get them engaged in conversation about what you’re offering.

Digital enables you to reach multiple members of the same household (cost-effectively) to build interest. At the same time, tracking digital prospects is easy and enables you to pay only for buying units (households) who attend.

Digital is Affordable

3. Lower Costs

Digital marketing beats traditional direct mail for cost-effectiveness every time. Both have creative costs…but direct mail requires list buying, printing and mailing charges. And, only digital marketing provides a low point of entry to get started. Also, you don’t have to buy more than you need.

4. Cost-Effective Scaling

While we’re talking about costs, only digital enables you to scale your marketing efforts cost-effectively. You’re only paying for reach—not postage, printing or lists. Traditional direct mail can’t compare.

Digital Ensures Greater Control

5. Control Delivery Date

When a marketing firm sends out direct mail, delivery is completely in the hands of the postal service. But when your marketing effort is all digital, your campaign is live within seconds of activation. Don’t wonder when invitations are going to arrive in the mailbox. Know the exact time your target market is seeing your message.

6. Quickly See Results

Not only is your campaign live within seconds of launching, but it also begins engaging with online prospects at the same time. You will see results and know the effectiveness of your campaign much more quickly than with direct mail. You and your digital marketing firm are always on top of the campaign’s performance.

7. Adapt on the Fly

Quick results also give you the opportunity to change messaging or your target market in time to still get plenty of people into your seminar. Digital is so responsive and quick to deliver results that you will know within a day or two, at most, whether your focus and message are on target.

If they’re not, digital messaging is easy to edit. Tweak your digital message and your target audience will see your new ads. Since there’s no charge for reprinting or remailing, you can change as often as needed. You can even do A/B testing to measure the results from different messages and hone in on the best-performing approach. That’s a huge advantage.

8. Guaranteed Success

Since the results of a digital marketing campaign are easier to manage and results are more assured, a quality firm like White Glove can better protect your investment. One way is through a comprehensive guarantee policy where you pay only for success.

Digital Builds Stronger Relationships

9. Greater Interactivity/More Engagement

When you use digital marketing, your marketing firm can build your campaign to be as deep or comprehensive as you wish. An initial contact, for example, can drive prospects to a landing page or website where they can read about you and your subject in great detail, conduct an online needs assessment or engage in other ways that will help make attendees highly responsive and receptive to your message.

And, it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg to add extra layers of engagement and interactivity.

10. Less Intrusive Puts the Prospect in Charge

There’s a lot of talk about inbound vs. outbound marketing. Direct mail is outbound. It arrives in someone’s mailbox unrequested. It’s potentially viewed as an interruption and will likely end up in the trash as junk mail.

However, digital marketing is inbound. If your ad or headline catches prospects’ interest, they can choose to click through and learn more. Therefore, the people you connect with and who sign up to attend your seminar are going to be more highly engaged in your products and services.

11. Follow-Up

Digital marketing makes follow-up easier. Registrants are instantly entered into a campaign database where confirmation emails and scheduled follow-ups are automatically triggered. By automating so much of the follow-up, you or your marketing firm are freed up to focus on personalized pre-seminar engagement, such as a quick phone call to each registrant.

Digital follow-up also ensures every prospect hears back quickly and completely.

12. Rich Data Easily Integrated Into Your Business Systems

If you feel you personally want to follow up with prospects prior to the seminar or reach out to no-shows after the event, digital makes it easy to access contact information. Digital records are updated in real time so you always know what’s going on.

Also, digital contact data is easily integrated with your business and CRM systems. Following up with calls, emails, print letters or invitations to future events is easy. It’s all there for you and your team to use as a rich marketing resource.
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