Mike Ashley Promoted to Chief Executive Officer

As of January 1, 2018, Mike Ashley has been promoted from director of marketing to CEO at White Glove.

As co-founders of White Glove (WG), Dean Thurman and I are proud to announce that Mike Ashley has been promoted to chief executive officer (CEO). Mike joined the company in September 2016 as director of marketing.

From day one, we knew Mike was going to be an important member of our growing team. Mike has been the driving force behind our seminar marketing engine, and he has effectively built and led our marketing team for the past year and a half. With Mike’s extensive background in business management and operations, we strongly believed that the next best move in his career at WG was to lead our team as the CEO.

In his role as CEO, Mike will continue overseeing the marketing department, as well as working on operational and business development initiatives for WG.

Prior to joining WG, Mike was the managing director of Great Lakes Golf & Sports Complex and was a managing partner at Four Seasons Golf Centers. Additionally, Mike has experience with strategic business development, operations, start-ups and digital marketing.

Congratulations, Mike! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to WG.