WG Provides Most Value in Industry [Whitepaper]

Advisorist’s research team compiled an in-depth whitepaper that digs into the actual numbers behind financial planning seminars and pricing models from three seminar marketing companies - revealing the seminar attendee cost per household with planning costs...the TRUE cost.

Don't be fooled by the hidden costs of seminar marketing. White Glove offers (by far) the most value in the industry, as demonstrated in the whitepaper below.

As a financial advisor of 28 years, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of seminar marketing to grow a financial practice. I believe in it so much that I co-founded White Glove to provide advisors with a seminar marketing model that helps them grow their business, but without having to do all the work or take on any upfront risk.

So, imagine our excitement when the research team at Advisorist, the leading source of practical, hands-on sales and marketing training for insurance and financial advisors worldwide, approached us about being interviewed for an in-depth whitepaper that digs into the actual numbers behind financial planning seminars.

There’s quite a bit of hype and “murky marketing” out in the industry. Through our conversations with advisors, we’ve found there’s a lot of confusion around what you pay for and what you get in return when outsourcing your seminar marketing.

There's a BIG difference between paying for an individual seminar registrant versus paying for only households who actually attend your seminar. And, with the latter option, you NEVER pay for empty seats or a seminar with poor turnout due to unexpected factors, like bad weather.

Not knowing the difference between “registrants” and “households” can cost you thousands in wasted budget.

And...there’s much more to seminar planning than just marketing. Full service is best for an advisor who understands their time is best spent meeting with clients and focusing on their practice. To effectively scale their business, they must devote their efforts to being a financial professional - not someone bogged down by the burdens of event planning.

I hope you take the time to download and read the entire whitepaper because it’s full of really useful content and findings. But if you want the cliff notes version, let me break it down for you:

  • For advisors who value their time and who want to be financial planners and not event planners, White Glove cuts down the time required to plan for the event, and our price is still lower than the other firms who only handle the marketing portion.
  • Based on the true cost calculation chart below, the White Glove full service model is not just the best value...it’s the cheapest option on the market, coming in at $200 per attended household compared to our competitors’ true cost of $293 and $295 per attended household.
  • Your time is NOT free. You must factor in how your and/or your staff’s time equates to dollars spent when you’re the one in charge of planning your own seminar.

When you look at the math and see all the services included in the 100% done-for-you White Glove model, I hope it’s clear that we provide the most value compared with direct mail and other seminar marketing companies by doing ALL the work and taking ALL the risk on your behalf.

With our company, you also get the benefit of our triple guarantee - attendance guarantee (never paying for empty seats), weather guarantee (you’re not on the hook for costs if your seminar is cancelled due to poor weather) and success guarantee (if you meet a few criteria points, we give you a free seminar if you don’t get a client within 120 days of your seminar).

To sum it all up: Please don’t be fooled by the hidden costs of seminar marketing.

Click here to download the whitepaper

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