White Glove Core Values

White Glove introduces four core values that will be the driving force behind many future employee and business initiatives.

In my new role as CEO, one of the first items I wanted to tackle on my to-do list was defining our White Glove core values. Our leadership team had several conversations and brainstorming sessions to come up with the core values that best reflect who we are as a company.

We settled on four straightforward, yet powerful, core values. We recently rolled out these core values at our quarterly breakfast meeting.

The White Glove core values include:

  1. Be Humble
  2. Embody a humble + hustle mindset.
  3. Never above rolling up your sleeves to do work that needs to get done, even if it’s not “technically” part of your job description.
  4. Giving
  5. A giver both at the office and outside of the office.
  6. Selfless attitude and approach to your work.
  7. Flexible
  8. Embrace and accept new challenges and work with a positive outlook.
  9. Ready and willing to pivot directions and experiment to test what does/doesn’t work – not simply stay within your lane.
  10. Passionnovator
  11. Exhibit passion and innovation in your work.
  12. View your job as more than a job that simply pays the bills.

These core values will be the driving force behind many employee and business initiatives moving forward. We want them to be more than a plaque on a wall. So for starters, we gave each employee a water bottle and mouse pad with our core values on them. We also added our core values to Bonusly, our employee recognition platform, so team members can reward their peers who do something that reflects our core values. We’re building out additional ways to ensure our core values stay top of mind for each of our team members.

We truly believe these core values accurately represent the White Glove family, and we’re always on the hunt for talented individuals who align with these core values.

Did you nod your head “yes” after reading our core values? If you want to learn more about opportunities at White Glove, please reach out to our HR director, Danielle Thurman, at danielle.thurman@whitegloveworkshops.com.