Why It’s Time to Change Your Mindset About Summer Seminars

In the advisor community, the topic of hosting educational seminars is highly debated…but it shouldn’t be. The idea of hosting a seminar in the summer is plagued by myths of low attendance rates and a general lack of interest from the public.

However, bothof those reasons are just that – myths! If you’re willing to change yourmindset, hosting seminars during the summer can be a huge catalyst for growingyour business.

The most common thought around summer seminars is that people don’t want to attend a seminar in the summer. However, between June-August 2018, 11 White Glove hosts who each held between five and 19 seminars with us during those three months had an average attendance of 25 households per event. Here’s a snapshot of real data from some of our advisor clients who hosted seminars June-August 2018.

I think the numbers are self-explanatory, butthe takeaway is… summer seminars PERFORM!

Remember, sinceWhite Glove does all the work, takes on all the risk and offers a tripleguarantee, you truly have nothing to lose. You won’t be wasting money on emptyseats or spending precious resources coordinating the event.

Another commonmyth is people check out mentally during the warm months – spending extra time withfamily or on vacation. As our good friend Frank Maselli says, spending timewith family can actually exacerbate the needs, concerns or fears that already drivepeople to your seminars.

Family time andissues can make people take a long, hard look at their lives. People don’t goon a “mental vacation” during the summer relative to their finances. In fact, Iknow from experience as a financial advisor that people are more relaxed,upbeat and happy during the summer months. They now have the time to thinkabout, reflect and act on the things they couldn’t during the busier months ofthe year. You have a great opportunity to take advantage of the public’sgeneral contentment and need for your expertise during the summer.

And considerthis: Since it IS a common myth among advisors that summer seminars are a badidea, if your competition hosts seminars and is taking those months off, youcan use their “quiet period” to your advantage. Having less competition duringthe summer months means you get to shine as the local expert who can help thepublic with their finances.

All in all,hosting summer seminars (and in our opinion, hosting seminars throughout theentire year) is a tremendous advantage to you and your business. Writing peopleoff as “not interested” or “checked out” is a missed opportunity. Changing yourmindset about summer seminars could be the difference between a successful yearand a dry spell.

We are booking summer seminars now! To book yours, reach out to your dedicated White Glove rep. If you don’t yet have one, contact us.