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We have the ability to tailor a solution to fit your corporation, individual or participant needs with a customized population health strategy.

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Our Clinical Team

WhiteGlove Health delivers an exceptional clinical experience to every visit. Our team of Nurse Practitioners and call center staffed with Registered Nurses are committed to making every visit the best experience possible.

Our clinical team consists of board certified nurse practitioners in the field with a minimum of 5 years-experience and a background in emergency medicine/urgent care and an RN call center of licensed registered nurses with a minimum of 5 years-experience in call center triage and/or emergency/urgent care nursing. Our collaborating physicians are board certified in family, internal medicine, and/or emergency medicine practicing in the metro areas we service.


WhiteGlove Health concludes every care visit with an in-the-moment Member survey.

WhiteGlove Health continually diverts visits from high-cost emergency rooms, provides alternative modes of access, and helps Members who previously would not have sought care.

Urgent care

Emergency Room

Primary Care Physician

Not sought care

The amount of time our customers would have missed their employees at work if WhiteGlove Health was not a provider of care.


Half Day


Full Day


More than 1 Day


None At All