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White Glove: Made by Advisors, For Advisors

White Glove Co-Founders Dean Thurman and Mike Thurman are financial advisors by trade. For many years, the cousins relied on the “old school” method of seminar marketing to grow their business. They created print invitations and mailed them to people in an area where they wanted to host an educational seminar.

Like so many other financial advisors who rely on this method, they took on upfront financial risk, and they and their team handled all the logistics coordination for the seminar. (If you’ve ever planned a seminar, you know it’s like a mini wedding!)

For a long time, many people would show up excited to learn more about retirement planning.

Then… things changed.

The Idea.

Dean, Mike, and Jeff Grail (Dean’s partner from a previous business venture) brainstorm how they can eliminate pain points Dean and Mike dealt with while hosting seminars so other advisors would never have to experience those challenges.

They knew there had to be a better way.

They come up with a way to disrupt the seminar marketing industry by taking the traditional business model and flipping it upside down. Their goal is to take away all the pain and guarantee (actually, quadruple guarantee) all the gain for other advisors.

The Start.

In September 2015, White Glove Workshops is born in the basement of Dean and Mike’s financial planning practice. With four employees and Jeff Grail (now a third co-founder) locked in a room with no window for days, the company began making cold calls to pitch financial advisors on why they should give a darn about this brand-new company called White Glove Workshops.

In the beginning, there were fires… a lot of them. Dean used to walk around wearing a fireman’s hat, yelling, “We have a fire, we have a fire!” True story.

But eventually, things started to fall into place.

Our Growth.

In 3-and-a-half short years, White Glove grew into a 130+ person company that works with 1,000 professionals across the U.S. and Canada…and not just personal financial and insurance advisors. We also work with realtors and attorneys.

We’ve helped countless professionals grow their businesses through our seminar program, but we wanted to offer more. We wanted to evolve our services beyond seminars. So, in early 2019, we rebranded to White Glove and added social media management as a core service offering.

Enter White Glove ONE. 

And now, we are introducing our newest venture, one that takes our innovative financial advisor marketing strategy to the next level.

We still offer our seminar marketing, planning, and coaching.
We still offer our lead generation techniques.
We still offer our customer nurturing and engagement options.
And we think each one is fantastic on its own.

But when you mix them all together, you have all the ingredients for the most successful marketing and business growth practices for financial advisors, attorneys, and more.

That’s what we call our White Glove ONE option. It’s all done, all in one, and we do it for you. White Glove ONE takes the stress off your mind, leads to higher conversion rates, and helps grow your business. Best of all, when you invest in the White Glove ONE, you get all our options while saving money compared to choosing one or two options alone.

When you package all this up, Dean, Mike, Jeff, and the entire White Glove team are beyond proud to have created a business growth model that we can confidently say no other company on the planet offers.

Let’s work hand in hand to grow your practice.

White Glove Timeline

September 2015
First Social Security 567 seminar
September 2016
First Taxes in Retirement 567 seminar
June 2018
Introduced six new seminar topics
June 2018
Expanded seminar program into Canada
October 2018
Hosted 533 seminars, the most seminars hosted in one month in WGW company history
February 2019
Launch of White Glove Social Connect – Done-for-you social impression management for advisors
February 2019
Evolved to White Glove
White Glove logo white
October 2019
White Glove secures private equity investment from Detroit-based Rockbridge Growth Equity
March 2020
Digital transformation begins with launch of White Glove Webinars
August 2020
Expansion of 3G - Triple Guarantee to 4G - Quadruple Guarantee for workshop success
September 2020
White Glove Workshop Connect launched
September 2020
Launch of White Glove University, Empowering Advisor Success
November 2021
Launch of White Glove One
white glove one logo

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