Farewell Episode! What's Next for the FAST Podcast? with Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway
April 3, 2024

In a heartfelt solo episode, our podcast host announces her departure from White Glove after six wonderful years. She reflects on her journey, the challenges that shaped her and the most impactful moments.

In a heartfelt solo episode, our podcast host announces her departure from White Glove after six wonderful years. She reflects on her journey, the challenges that shaped her and the most impactful moments. But this isn’t the end, it’s a new chapter! She’ll also share what’s next for the FAST Podcast.  

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Podcast Transcript

Voiceover: Welcome to the FAST Podcast, your go-to source for Financial Advisor Strategy Talks hosted by Lara Galloway, Senior Vice President of Channel Management at White Glove. Tune in as we uncover valuable insights from industry experts and offer actionable tips to elevate your business.

Lara Gallaway (00:14.954)
Well, hello, everybody. I have a special message to share with you today. This is going to be a solo podcast episode of the FAST podcast.
I want to share with you an update that after six fabulous years, my time is coming to an end here at White Glove. I say that it's a very bittersweet thing, and I'm going to make sure I don't get a wobbly voice and teary-eyed as I do this, which I've done many times today. As I have been talking to my friends here at White Glove about this.
I just want to share with you some things that I've learned about the industry and share with you some things you can expect.
When I first started in this industry six years ago, I had no idea. I didn't know anything about financial services, and I have been mentored by some of the best people. So, a shout out to our founders, Dean and Mike Thurman and Jeff Grail, who built this business because they, as advisors, saw how hard it was for advisors to figure out all the pieces about how to grow a business.
They know that if they can get in front of people and they can be those warm, friendly educators, they can convert them into being clients that they can help build a great financial future for, right? And I learned by listening to them; I learned by being supported by them.
As well as all the people and this fabulous family that I've built around me.
But I just want to share that as a person who has been a huge ambassador for White Glove, I will continue to be that as well. Here are the things that I see that I think are so important and why our clients keep coming to us: It is hard to figure out how to grow a business, find leads, qualify them, and turn them into prospects.
It's hard to figure out how to scale up your business, what business systems support what you do as an advisor, give the advice you give and make sure that you stay engaged with people and make sure that you stay connected in a way that will help them take the right choices to make the good financial choices they need to make that you advise them on. They know it's hard to scale up a business when it's built around you as the main advisor, but you're trying to grow and add on maybe junior reps.
Maybe figure out how to compensate them and how to support them and make sure that they are hunters, but make sure that they also feel nurtured and loved and a part of your family and want to stay. They know that it's hard once you get people to attend a workshop to try to get them into your office and make sure when they're at your office, they get experience that makes them want to work with you. I know how hard it is. I've worked with so many advisors.
Lara Gallaway
I've spent so much time reviewing webinars. That's something I do behind the scenes for some of you who have come to us saying, guys, I need help. I want to be the best I can be, but I'm really challenged, or I'm not getting the results I want. I'm committed to continuing to improve, and I've seen these webinars, and I know you are a wonderful advisor. But you don't know how to give a strong call to action and one that makes people want to sign up with you. So, all these things are things that I've learned.
I mean, they're just gifts and nuggets for how hard it is to grow a business as an independent or wherever you are, just whatever kind of advisor you are. It is a challenge, and it's hard to figure all that out on your own. So, one of the things that I think is so great and that I will carry with me and continue to be an ambassador for White Glove On is just the turnkey system and all the education that White Glove provides, the education, the support, the growth.
In my role here for the last year at White Glove, I've focused hard on finding the right industry partners. These are coaches. These are clients who've become so successful that they're becoming coaches and sharing their information with our clients that want to reach success as well. These are technology partners who have amazing platforms to help support you in all this great work that you're trying to do, whether it be moving people through your pipeline or having good visuals to help you look at something and make it clear.
Whatever financial complex thing you're trying to explain to your client, giving you a great tool, a visual, and a platform that makes it easy for you to make that sale to your client, make them understand what you're trying to do and get their buy-in and to stay connected with them and to serve them and their family and their legacy better.
I've been looking for those partners because I know that once White Glove gives you all these great leads, you need help converting them so you can grow. And you need help making sure they become clients so you can grow. And they need to give great referrals to other people so you can grow.
This is the work that I've been doing at White Glove is trying to find those pieces that bring all of the pieces together so that you have a turnkey system that will allow you to take your brains and use it for the things that you're really good for and not have to worry about all the stress of marketing and lead generation.
I am so grateful for the gift of this journey. I know it's going to be a moment of transition as we get ready to introduce the next host. I couldn't be more excited to pass the torch to our next host for our podcast, but that's to be determined.
So sit tight. You're going to hear a new voice, but we will carry on the tradition of bringing you great information, great education, and great success stories from advisors just like you who figured something out and are willing to share their great success hacks so you can cut some corners and get where you want to be faster.

Lara Gallaway
So, I really want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and all my contacts in the industry; you guys have been amazing.

The good news is I’m going on to what is going to be a great next adventure for me, but I'm still in the industry. I'm still going to see you. I'm still going to be an ambassador for White Glove, and I'm probably going to be a client of White Gloves. So, I will be on the other side of the mic and the other side of the fence in the trenches with you guys, trying to grow this business as well.
I'm very excited about what is to come. Thank you for letting me be your guide and partner in the industry for so long. I appreciate you, and I wish you guys all the best. Remember, stay tuned. We've got more coming. It'll just be a different voice. Take care.
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