3 Effective Ways Financial Advisors Can Generate QUALITY Leads

Financial advisor lead generation magnet

Not all leads generated are good leads.

When you purchase leads from a third-party company, do you know what you are actually purchasing? Are those leads handpicked for you and your practice, or are they random names who showed slight interest in services you offer? And here’s the real question: Are those leads worth your time, money and resources?

To grow your practice, you don’t want to attract just any client. You want to attract your perfect client.  Here are three ways to generate QUALITY leads to grow your business:

1. Workshops

The most intimate and efficient way to find your perfect client is with educational workshops. When you host seminars or webinars, your choice of topic will help attract the specific type of client you’re looking to find. For example, if high net-worth clients are your target, consider doing an estate planning workshop. Or maybe you’re looking for the next generation of investors. A webinar on college planning or saving for retirement will bring them to you. Once you have identified your perfect client, generating those quality leads by introducing yourself as the expert on a topic that appeals to them is the next step.

2. Find Your Market

While lead lists may not be the most effective in locating quality leads, there are technologies that can help you locate unsaturated markets of your choice. With the use of our proprietary technology like Success Zones, you can unlock markets that are in need of financial education. Discover nearby areas of people hungry for financial advice, honing in on markets that fit your niche but aren’t currently being served by local financial advisors. You’ll stand apart as a thought leader and have the chance to become an expert in that community.

3. Consultation Appointments

Go above the lead list and book appointments directly on your calendar with consultation appointments. Consultation appointments connect you directly with qualified, exclusive leads who are seeking advice on educational topics that you provide.  Because these leads are already warm and handpicked for you, you can avoid the uncomfortable cold call scenario and get straight to business with leads who are looking for your help.

Quality lead generation is what we do, and since we were built by advisors, for advisors, we have already done the trial and error for you. If you would like to learn more about our lead generation services, check out whiteglove.com/lead-generation.