4 Tricky Appointment Setting Objections and How to Approach Them

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]After hosting more than 4,000 workshops of his own, financial advisor seminar expert Frank Maselli narrowed down the four most common appointment objections and created effective responses to each (he even includes logical and emotional responses in the last example!). These examples are a helpful guide for locking in appointments, but be sure to customize them and add in your own personal touch during your next financial advisor seminar or webinar! 1. "I don’t have my calendar." / "I’m not sure when I will be available." / "I need to check my spouse’s schedule." Your Response: No problem. If we have to move things around, we can do that any time. We will adjust our schedule around you! It’s the act of setting the appointment that’s critical to your success – it says that you’re willing to take that first step toward securing your family’s financial future. 2. "I want to think about everything I heard tonight." Your Response: I hope so...these are critical issues that could affect your family’s entire financial future. But the problem is that you won’t remember anything by tomorrow morning. The appointment is a chance to reinforce what you just learned and make it come alive for you personally. It will clarify how all the things we discussed tonight might benefit you and your family. 3. "I don’t really have enough money." Your Response: The amount of money you have doesn’t matter. You made a commitment to come to my seminar/webinar tonight/today. I don’t care if you only have five dollars...I will meet with you for one hour to see if there’s any way I can help you. You might pick up some ideas that you can use to help you make great decisions no matter how much you may have. It could make a huge difference down the road.* *This solidifies that you are in the industry to truly help people. You’re not committing to a 10-meeting series – it’s just one hour. It’s a great way to send a positive message to the audience. 4. "I already have an advisor." Logical Response: Of course you do. I assume you also have a doctor, but think about this for a second – if you needed something special like a hip replacement or a heart bypass...would you go to your primary care physician? No...you would go to a specialist who has seen thousands of cases just like yours. In the world of financial advisors, I am a Retirement Income Specialist. There is a huge difference in skills and solutions when you get closer to retirement. Emotional response: Everyone has an financial advisor...but you came here tonight for a reason whether you consciously know it or not. You came because somewhere deep inside of you senses that you could or should be doing better things with your money. I’m not saying you’re angry with your current advisor...I’m sure they are nice people. But there’s something missing. Some part of you is looking for a higher level of care, of guidance, of intelligence or protection. Even if it’s just a second opinion that you’re on the right track...don’t waste this opportunity. Our meeting will absolutely be valuable to you!If you found this information helpful, you can gain access to 1:1 coaching sessions with Frank by becoming a member of White Glove University.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]