Advisor Webinars: Hidden Truths (Part II)

[vc_row][vc_column css=".vc_custom_1597842724240{margin-top: 80px !important;}"][vc_column_text]In part 2 of this 3-part Hidden Truths series, we’ll explain how our Done-For-You program supports you during your Webinar. We'll also touch on areas where our support compares to other leading vendors'. Whether it’s managing technology hiccups or ensuring you have an engaging, digestible presentation – we’ve got you covered.

Advisor Webinars: Hidden Truths (Part II)

Get excited! It’s officially webinar day...your time to shine!You may be feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, especially if it’s your first.“What if I have a typo in my presentation?”“What if my mic isn’t working?”“How will I keep my learners engaged?”“Will people even show up?!”These are all very common questions advisors ask themselves before hosting a webinar...before they discover White Glove, that is.We’ve built our program to solve common and not-so-common webinar issues that other leading workshop marketing vendors have yet to build into their programs. One of the biggest contributors to a smooth host and learner experience is our dedicated team of Webinar Concierge.

Live Webinar Management and Concierge Support

More than half of leading companies offer some type of in-event chat support. However, we were surprised to find that more than half do not provide account support during the webinar. You might be thinking, “Is there really a difference?”There absolutely is a difference, and we’ve found that including the extra layer of support makes a big impact.When we first began offering webinar solutions, we found roughly 20% of registrants weren’t making it into the event. This was mostly due to small technical difficulties and/or directional misinterpretations. Immediately after noticing this trend, we instated that each webinar would come equipped with a Concierge Support member. Once we did, this number was reduced close to 0%.Concierge helps minimize loss prior to the event and serves as technical support for both you and your learners. In fact, our Concierge Support team offers some of the most comprehensive in-event support on the market.Are your attendees complaining of echoing audio? Maybe your webcam stops working? Perhaps you’re introducing yourself and you forgot to feature your pop-up add?These are not things you ought to worry about during your presentation...and with a robust team of Concierge Support, you don’t have to!

Here are some of the features handled by our Concierge team:

  • Live Moderated Chat
  • Polls (this is one limitation of Zoom for the Host. To use this feature, let your designated Concierge Support member know prior to the presentation. They can launch this function on your behalf).
  • Q & A
  • Chat Panel and “Presenter Chat”
  • Immediate Appointment Booking/Calendly Link (if provided by you)

Having a designated individual to clear cookies, establish optimal internet speed, run mic and webcam check and to troubleshoot any issues regarding technology or user experience is critical for the success of your webinar. After all, a smooth experience from beginning to end helps garner stronger results.

White Glove Power Presentation

Your presentation dictates so much of the webinar’s efficacy. There's a fine line between ambiguous and overwhelming when it comes to content...and we help you deliver gracefully between the two. While most alternatives offer presentation content, almost half fall short of preparing you with step-by-step best practices. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t take a road trip without a map or GPS to get you where you’re trying to go, right?You get access to proven presentation strategies and content from leading content providers with us. Before the webinar, Concierge loads all applicable content, like handouts or your Calendly link, into the platform (Zoom doesn't support content upload, but the screen share feature solves this). Once you've selected and received your presentation, our team trains you and answers any questions you may have.Similarly to most alternative marketing solutions, we partnered with reputable content providers rather than create our own.

Here's why:

  1. Horsesmouth provides full presentation content support while allowing you to reach new clients and guide them through their biggest financial decisions. They combine financial education, marketing and technology to help you engage and empower your learners while allowing you to develop new technical skills.
  2. A division of global fintech leader, Broadridge, Broadridge Advisor Solutions (BAS) is the premier provider of advisor marketing solutions designed to help you find new prospects, retain and grow business with existing clients and increase referrals, all while optimizing your practice. With more than 30 years of industry experience, BAS serves more than 125,000 advisors.
  3. These partnerships allow us to dedicate more time and resources to continually and regularly innovate our done-for-you services. Why reinvent the wheel when we could partner with those who already have?

Additionally, approximately half of leading companies offer a live webinar option whereas others only offer on-demand recordings. While on-demand is convenient to both you and the vendor, webinar recordings have the tendency to become quickly outdated. We offer both at White Glove to foster both convenience and relevance. If you're looking to pack an extra punch in your Webinars, have you considered partnering with an attorney or another advisor to co-host? We recently introduced Workshop Connect, our latest program that lets you split costs, provide a more holistic educational experience for your learners and more!

Sales and Closing Training

All elements of the webinar are vital for educating and engaging learners, but the closing is the single most important element responsible for getting RESULTS (transitioning learners into high-value leads with the potential to convert). While 75% of leading vendors offer some kind of presentation and webinar training, the majority of those vendors' websites do not have any mention of sales and closing training. At White Glove, we are obsessed with equipping you with the exact strategies you need to motivate your learners to book a one-on-one appointment with you following the event. In fact, we see about 20-30% of all learners request appointments during each event.As mentioned previously, some of this training is included in our prospecting programs while other elements are woven into White Glove University.

What Happens When the Webinar Ends?

Once the Webinar wraps up, our job is far from over! In the third and final part of this blog series, we’re going to break down the kinds of marketing and communication we handle on your behalf – like the post-event attendance report, post-event nurturing, social boost/engagement and more – to help ensure you get maximum results.