More Advisors Shifting to Social Impression Management in 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]When it comes to keeping you and your services top-of-mind with current clients and potential prospects, you need to be in the right spaces at the right time. Financial advisors must now meet clients, present and future, where they live—on social media. However, if you’re unsure how to correctly leverage this medium, you may be left behind.

Advisors...It's Time to Get Social

When advisors first began using social media for business purposes, “social media management” quickly caught on as a common buzzword. So, for years, advisors have been leveraging social media management as a way to generate leads. But now, the narrative is shifting away from social media management to social impression management. With this shift, we’re seeing an entirely new attainable goal: lead conversion.To put this into perspective, let’s backtrack for a moment. First, consider how many people are skipping search engines and going straight to social media. It’s not just Millennials, Gen Z or X. Findings from the 2019 Insurance Barometer Study showed that approximately 85 million Americans use social media to learn more about financial advisors. Six in 10 of these consumers reported using social media sites to find information on financial products and services or to look for reviews on financial professionals. This data provides clear evidence that users are flocking to social media, ready to work with an advisor.As a result, top advisors are noticing these trends and seizing opportunities to convert. In fact, findings from a Putnam Investment survey revealed that 92% of advisors said social media helped them gain clients.

Media vs. Impressions

To effectively leverage social media to convert, it’s best to start with the basics and differentiate social media management vs. social impression management.Social media management is a broad term that covers a wide range of activities. Generally, it includes creating advertising campaigns, engaging with other accounts, monitoring and responding to followers, maintaining an editorial calendar, creating custom content, analyzing data and more.Social impressions are a subset of social media management. These are defined as the total number of times social media users are shown content on specific social platforms.Social impression management works to optimize impressions and subsequent interactions on the dimensions of both quantity (size of audience shown) and quality (relevance of audience shown) on specific and relevant social platforms.Additionally, it’s important to note that impressions are the broadest of social media metrics. When dealing with social impression management, the following metrics should all be considered:

  • Impressions happen when content is delivered to someone's social media feed. For example, if you have 50 followers and post a piece of content, your impression rate could hit 50 but also surpass that number because those users could see that same piece of content multiple times depending on their activity.
  • Reach solely references the number of people your piece of content is seen by, whether they see it once or multiple times.
  • Engagement occurs after reach is achieved and is a metric that measures how your audience is interacting with your content. Engagement gives you direct insight into what resonates with your audience. Engagement can be defined as a like, comment, share, tag, etc.
  • Mentions are a form of engagement when a social media user mentioned your name online.

Social Media, Done-For-You

You could spend countless hours learning how to do all this yourself. Conversely, you could also hire a team that may or may not be familiar with your industry and achieve mediocre results. Or you could work with White Glove.Introducing White Glove Social Connect, the 100% Done-For-You social impression management solution. Social Connect strengthens your credibility, helps you stay on the cutting edge and positions you as a community thought leader. We serve your clients and prospects timely, relevant and personalized premium news articles via a weekly newsletter, web and social media posts. Moreover, these articles come from leading publishers like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes and more. As an added plus, your network is shielded from paywalls and can enjoy ad-free content with your branding front and center. Social Connect is the only hands-off service of its kind that provides value to clients and prospects while maximizing social impressions within your target market.Social Connect makes it easy to grow and impress your social sphere. It identifies and attracts new prospects based on the characteristics of your existing community. Paid media and internal data help us ensure your impressions are maximized and viewed by the right people, at the right time. This puts you in a position to dominate your market, build brand credibility and boost awareness with a multichannel presence across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, web and email.

What's Included with Social Connect?

  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Done-For-You weekly branded newsletter.
  • Branded landing pages with opt-in lead form.
  • Up to 16 social media posts per month, per channel.
  • Premium FINRA & SEC-compliant content from leading publishers, without paywalls or ads.
  • Quarterly Facebook Live Q&A hosted by your account manager. NEW!
  • Quarterly Facebook ad with customized content shared to your target audience. NEW!
  • Annual budget of $200 allocated to Facebook ads to promote your brand. NEW!
  • Monthly newsletter to convert email subscribers to social followers. NEW!
  • Monthly social calendar with suggestions for personal content to supplement your accounts. NEW!
  • Website feed with timely news content updated weekly.
  • Monthly report on engagement and performance.
  • Hands-free compliance workflow.
  • Automatic archiving to satisfy compliance regulations.

Take It From Your Peers

We help advisors maintain a consistent and professional relationship with current clients, as well as potential prospects. When the day comes for a prospect to move forward and become a client, the relationship you have already taken time to nurture will be at the forefront of their mind. But you don’t have to take our word for it; these advisor testimonials speak for themselves:"We recently landed two clients that we've been nurturing for over two years! They both mentioned receiving my weekly newsletter." – Kurt Stahl, Gulf Coast Financial Planning“Just had someone book an appointment through my Calendly link attached to my Social Connect article. This prospect has been in my contacts for over a year.” – Mason Gorris, InvestWise FinancialDon’t let a lack of communication stop you from gaining and retaining more clients. White Glove Social Connect helps you establish an impressive online presence, build meaningful relationships with your clients and prospects alike and improve client retention without sacrificing any of your time. This means you can stick to what you do best: being an advisor to your clients, not a social media expert.

White Glove Social Connect

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