Starting Your New Year with a Holistic Marketing Approach

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With a new year comes new opportunities for you to grow your business!

When you think about marketing what do you think of? Advertising on a billboard? Sending birthday cards to clients and leads? A few financial related social media posts?  

All of these marketing approaches can be helpful — but what is your end game? Are you marketing because you were told you were supposed to, or do you have a strategy?

The bottom line is that you are wasting your time, money, and resources if you do not have a strategic plan in place — and that plan should be holistic.  

What is a holistic marketing plan?

To put it simply, a holistic marketing plan encompasses multiple platforms and multiple marketing approaches to benefit your business as a whole. The marketing strategy that you put in place using these different platforms and approaches work together to build up your company, create brand recognition, and find new opportunities —creating synergy to get you the best results.  

Marketing Lifecycle

Why is holistic marketing important?

If you are only focused on one aspect of marketing, you are leaving money on the table by neglecting the other aspects. If your main focus is lead generation, but you do nothing to nurture those leads — you have just wasted your time and money. If you are only focusing on leads, and neglect engaging with your current client base — not only could you lose clients, but also the leads that those clients refer.

So how do I create a holistic marketing plan?

Many financial advisors have a similar client lifecycle. You start with a lead, that lead becomes a client, that client refers friends and family, and the cycle begins again. To create a holistic marketing plan, you need to market at every stage of this lifecycle.  

Here are a few examples of what you can do to generate leads, nurture those leads, and engage your clients:

By creating a plan that encompasses all areas of marketing, utilizing multiple pieces of content and channels— your marketing will see great return. With holistic marketing, you aren’t just building up one area of your company, you are elevating the entire client experience.  

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