White Glove Brings Seminar Planning Services to Canadian Finance Professionals

White Glove now offers seminar planning and marketing services to financial professionals in Canada.

The growth is non-stop at White Glove! We’ve successfully coordinated and digitally marketed thousands of seminars for financial professionals all across the United States.

Now, we’re excited to share the next evolution of our company - bringing our tried and true, 100% done-for-you seminar planning model to finance professionals all across Canada through our retirement planning seminar.

Our goal is to help Canadian finance professionals (many of whom solely rely on referrals to build their business) utilize seminar marketing as a powerful tool to educate the public about important topics related to retirement planning and investment options.

Our complimentary seminars cover different ways the Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security can be claimed, how survivor benefits work, how to potentially increase and or recapture benefits, the new 2018 rules and more.

As with all our seminars, we will do all the work and take on all the risk. Unlike with traditional flat-fee based seminar pricing, the White Glove performance-based pricing guarantees Canadian seminar hosts will only pay for households who attend the seminar...meaning they’ll never pay for empty seats!

We’ll handle everything from finding and booking the venue, deploying the digital marketing, managing all registrations and providing attendees with reminder emails and phone calls...among many other things.

Our seminar marketing model makes it possible for finance professionals to spend less time prospecting and more time advising their clients.

Canadian advisors who book a White Glove seminar can also count on receiving the highest quality training from our Seminar Coaches who collectively coordinate more than 400 seminars each month. We view our success as your success, and we will work closely with you to ensure you’re prepared and feel very confident to present prior to each seminar.

Interested in learning more or booking a seminar in Canada? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch ASAP!